ALONE (Seuls)
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Alone (Seuls)

Friday 10 November – 9.15pm – Shaw Theatres Lido→ Buy tickets

Saturday 11 November – 5.00pm – Alliance Française→ Buy tickets

Friday 17 November – 7.00pm – Shaw Theatres Lido→ Buy tickets

Saturday 18 November – 5.00pm – Alliance Française→ Buy tickets


Director                 David MOREAU

Cast                        Sofia LESAFFRE, Stéphane BAK, Jean-Stan DU PAC

Genre                     Science Fiction, Adventure, Thriller

France – 2017 – 90 minutes

In French with English subtitles

Rating: NC16 (Brief Nudity)


Based on the comics by Fabien Vehlmann and Bruno Gazzotti

Sixteen year old Leïla wakes up in an empty city. Where are her parents? Where has everyone gone? Thinking she must be the sole survivor of a mysterious catastrophe, Leïla wanders the strangely deserted streets of Fortville and eventually meets four other teenagers. Together they join forces and attempt to survive in a desolate and increasingly hostile world. But are they really alone?