BELLE & SEBASTIAN (Belle et Sébastien)
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Belle & Sebastian (Belle et Sébastien)

Saturday 12 November – 11am – Alliance française Buy tickets

Sunday 13 November – 4.20pm – Golden Village Plaza Singapura → Buy tickets


Director                 Nicolas VANIER

Cast                       Félix BOSSUET, Tchéky KARYO, Margaux CHATELIER

Genre                    Adventure, Family

France – 2013 – 104 minutes

In French with English subtitles

Rating: PG


Based on the eponymous book by Cécile Aubry, this reboot takes place in the French Alps, in a peaceful village right before World War II and the German invasion. Sebastian, a lonely boy, encounters Belle, a stray dog. Quickly, the pair will connect and their friendship will be steadfast, notwithstanding the hardships of the war.

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