FRENCH TOUR (Tour de France)
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French Tour (Tour de France)

Friday 10 November – 8.00pm – Alliance Française→ Buy tickets

Sunday 19 November – 11.00am -Alliance Française→ Buy tickets


Director                 Rachid DJAÏDANY

Cast                       Gérard DEPARDIEU, Sadek, Louise GRINBERG

Genre                    Comedy, Drama

France – 2016 – 95 minutes

In French with English subtitles

Rating: NC16 (Coarse Language)


Far’Hook is a twenty-year-old rapper. After being embroiled in a fight, he is forced to leave Paris and lay low for a while. His producer, Bilal, suggests that Far’Hook takes his place in accompanying his father Serge on a tour of all of the ports of France, following the path taken by the painter Joseph Vernet. Despite their generation gap and cultural differences, an improbable friendship develops between the promising rapper and this builder from the North of France, during an adventure that will lead them to Marseille, where Far’Hook is set to appear in a final concert.