HOTHEAD (Coup de tête)
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Hothead (Coup de tête)

Sunday 13 November – 2pm – The Projector → Buy tickets

Sunday 20 November – 7pm – The Projector → Buy tickets


Director                 Jean-Jacques ANNAUD

Cast                       Patrick DEWAERE, France DOUGNAC, Dorothée JEMMA

Genre                    Comedy, Drama, Sport

France – 1979 – 89 minutes

In French with English subtitles

Rating: M18


François Perrin is right-winger in the soccer team of the small town of Trincamp. Unfortunately, he has a really bad temper. The Club’s president is also the owner of the factory he works in and on top of that, François is also accused of a rape he has not committed. However, the club must play during the French Football Cup and needs Perrin more than ever to win it.

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