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In bed with Victoria (Victoria)

Saturday 12 November – 8pm – Alliance française → Buy tickets

Saturday 19 November – 7pm – Golden Village Plaza Singapura → Buy tickets


Director                 Justine TRIET

Cast                       Virginie EFIRA, Vincent LACOSTE, Melvil POUPAUD

Genre                    Comedy

France – 2016 – 97 minutes

In French with English subtitles

Rating: M18


Victoria Spick is a criminal lawyer whose love life is null and void. At a wedding, she catches up with her old friend Vincent and runs into Sam a loser she successfully defended in court.

The next day, Vincent is accused of attempting to murder his girlfriend. The only witness is the victim’s dog. Victoria reluctantly agrees to defend Vincent and hires Sam to be her au pair boy. Thus begins a series of cataclysms in Victoria’s life.