SK1 (L’affaire SK1)
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SK1 (L’affaire SK1)

Sunday 13 November – 9pm – Golden Village Plaza Singapura → Buy tickets

Friday 18 November – 9.05pm – Golden Village Plaza Singapura → Buy tickets

Saturday 19 November – 11am – Alliance française → Buy tickets


Director                 Frédéric TELLIER

Cast                       Raphaël PERSONNAZ, Nathalie BAYE, Olivier GOURMET

Genre                    Crime, Drama

France – 2015 – 120 minutes

In French with English subtitles

Rating: M18


Paris, 1991. The true story of Franck Magne, a young inspector who starts his career in the criminal police department with an awful case: the rape and the murder of a young lady. He quickly becomes obsessed with stopping this monster, “The Beast of the Bastille”. This manhunt will last eight years and will be infamous to be France’s first criminal case which has been solved using DNA evidence.

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