SOPHIE’S MISFORTUNES (Les malheurs de Sophie)
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Sophie’s misfortunes (Les malheurs de Sophie)

Saturday 12 November – 4.30pm – Golden Village Plaza Singapura → Buy tickets

Sunday 13 November – 11am – Alliance française → Buy tickets

Sunday 20 November – 2.30pm – Golden Village Plaza Singapura → Buy tickets


Director                 Christophe HONORÉ

Cast                       Caroline GRANT, Muriel ROBIN, Anaïs DEMOUSTIER

Genre                    Comedy

France – 2016 – 106 minutes

In French with English subtitles

Rating: PG


Sophie lives in a big castle, where everything is possible, in which she loves playing and…breaking rules, with her cousin Paul. When her parents decide to move to America, she is more than thrilled. However, a year later, she is sent back to France with her horrible step-mother, Madame Fichini. Will Sophie eventually find a solution to get out of this unlikely situation?

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